In this week's edition of the Mobile Gaming Mavens, our panel of industry luminaries discuss what's in store for the year ahead.

On some points, there is a general consensus.

Android's growth will continue and Apple's lead will narrow considerably. As such, cross-platform development is likely to become increasingly common.

The cost of development may increase as production values rise, too, and the costs associated with marketing and user acquisition are likely to continue to skyrocket.

On other points, though, our experts disagreed. Brian Robbins of Riptide Games reckoned that "it's going to be the year that we start to see Sony and Microsoft experience a very serious decline in the traditional console space, largely driven by mobile."

Dimoso's John Ozimek, however, had a different view. "Nobody is suddenly going to say "this mobile version of Call of Duty is much better than on PS3, I'll never buy another console game," he argued.

And in the face of widespread pessimism from fellow mavens, GRL Games' Graeme Devine was hopeful that 2013 could be the year that discovery is solved in mobile gaming.

"Somewhere, someone is working on AppStore 2.0, the app store that fixes some of the discovery issues we have with ALL media," he hoped.

"When we see that it will be shockingly obvious and easy to use,"

Anyway, that's quite enough looking forward. Instead, let's look back at the last seven days on

Platform wars
  • Apple cuts its orders for iPhone 5 components, reportedly in response to weaker-than-expected demand.
  • CrowdStar's head of global business development explains how the company is always "looking ahead" to the next big thing, and right now, that's Windows Phone 8.
  • Samsung announces its Galaxy S III handset has surpassed 40 million sales worldwide since its launch in May 2012.
  • Now that Windows Phone 7 has been cast adrift, editor Keith Andrew asks: Why has Microsoft gone silent on Windows Phone 7.8?
  • Finally, Microsoft breaks its silence, confirming that the Windows Phone 7.8 update is complete – it's just waiting for individual manufacturers to push it out.
Funding, start ups and acquisitions
  • Former Funzio VP Jamil Moledina unveils his new start up studio, Wormhole Games, which will follow Supercell's 'tablet first' approach to development.
  • In 2012, real rewards network Kiip closed a funding round worth $11 million, which global advertising agency Interpublic participated in. Now the two companies announce a strategic partnership.
  • San Francisco Thumper Studios explains its plan to extend With Friends gameplay to the friends you haven't made yet.
  • App discovery platform AppGratis secures £13.5 million in Series A funding round – a move that CEO and self-proclaimed 'bootstrap evangelist' Simon Dawlat defended on the firm's blog.
Industry voices
  • The Mobile Gaming Mavens make their predictions for the year ahead, including rosy futures, Android uprisings and the death of video games.
  • Across two guest columns, senior artists from Full Fat show the art of Agent Dash – and how its design was informed by 2D concept and 3D implementation.
  • US correspondent Rob LeFebvre argues that Apple will always put consumers ahead of developers – and that could actually be no bad thing for all concerned.
  • ZeptoLab gives the inside story on the making of Pudding Monsters.
  • Pocket Gamer editor-in-chief Kristan Reed argues that the likes of Joe Danger Touch and Rayman Jungle Run prove that smart gaming is no longer the games industry's "idiot cousin".
  • In the latest Best of British column, Grey Alien Games' Jake Birkett explores the pros and cons of touchscreen controls.
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