Are you familiar with Airpush?

If not, it's an SDK for Android that allows developers to display adverts on a device's home screen and in its notification tray, even when their apps aren't running.

Why are we telling you this, exactly?

Well, according to several disgruntled 'droid gamers, Gameloft is using this SDK on Google's mobile platform.

In fact, Android gamers have been complaining that Asphalt 7: Heat has been spamming them with Airpush ads relentlessly.

There's a way out

Although Gameloft is yet to admit to using this particular ad network, it has offered words of advice to some of the gamers who've contacted the company for an explanation.

One such complainer was pointed in the direction of a website that offers automatic and manual methods to "opt-out" of these frustrating notifications.

You can check which of your Android apps and games utilise the Airpush SDK by downloading an app like AirPush Detector [download] from Google Play.


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