Square Enix has launched a new teaser website for an upcoming Final Fantasy-related game that it will officially reveal on January 17th. That's this Thursday, by the way.

The website features a large image of several silhouetted sprites, who appear to be locked in a classic turn-based bout to the death.

If you're an avid fan of Square Enix's most famous role-playing franchise, you'll instantly recognise the two silhouettes on the left of the image.

In the shadows

That's because they clearly show the Behemoth, a enemy that appeared many times in Final Fantasy VI.

This is where things get interesting, though...

The sprites on the right aren't all from Final Fantasy VI. In fact, at least one of the sprites appears to represent the protagonist from Final Fantasy V: Bartz.

Last month, Square Enix stated that "Final Fantasy V and more" would appear on iOS in the future, so it's entirely possible that this teaser image pertains to mobile ports of both those games.

It's also possible, however, that the teaser site is for All The Bravest, which was originally believed to be related to the Bravely Default series.

Square Enix has already stated that it will reveal more All The Bravest details on January 17th, after all.