Tanks. They should be amazing fun in video games, what with all the rolling around and the shell-blasting and the explosions.

But all too often they're a drag. Touch Battle Tank 3D is a case in point - it's a tank-on-tank battler that's way too simplistic and dull to be worth bothering with.


You choose either the powerful, sluggish blue tank or the speedy yet fragile red tank, and then bomb around a series of simple arenas and take out all the enemy tanks to progress.

This is the premise behind Touch Battle Tank 3D, and it doesn't technically do a huge amount wrong. The game plays out exactly as it suggests, and there's definitely a lot of tank-killing.

But there's really nothing to keep you motivated. Every arena looks essentially the same, and while the game introduces new enemies every now and again it's basically the same action over and over.

In fact, in terms of gameplay it's very similar to Table Top Tanks on PS Vita, except without the interesting AR angle - making it an even less worthwhile experience.

Make tracks

To add to this, there are control issues.

You aim and fire with the touchscreen, but your tank fires so slowly that you'll soon find yourself spamming the touchscreen in the hope of firing off multiple missiles in quick succession, all to hit a single enemy.

It's the sort of game that would have benefited from a second stick, but in the absence of this it needed to make better use of the touchscreen than it has.

And there's simply not enough content. You've only got the dull Campaign mode, and there's no way we want to play through it twice with both tanks, thanks.

Touch Battle Tank 3D isn't a game you'll want to play. It's unimaginative and doesn't work very well - steer clear.