At the heart of every good scare is the element of surprise.

Knowing this, XSEED games took to The PlayStation Blog on Tuesday to announce that its survival horror RPG Corpse Party would receive a sequel - Corpse Party: Book of Shadows - on January 15.

More surprisingly, the release will feature "Day one" PS Vita compatibility and eight chapters - each with its own distinct, standalone plot.

Book 'em, Shadows

In the original Corpse Party, players investigated a grizzly mystery at the Heavenly Host Elementary School revolving around the vindictive spirit of a young girl named Sachiko.

As the game progressed, players learned to focus on their investigation to limit the number of "Bad Ends" they would run into.

A Bad End meant game over, with the added twist of watching one - or more - of the characters die a horrible, often prolonged, death.

One major complaint players had with the original Corpse Party was that they were often forced to re-read minutes, and sometimes hours, worth of dialog if they received a Bad End too long after their last save.

Thankfully, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows looks to remedy this annoyance by giving players the ability to fast-forward through text they've already ready by holding the R button.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will arrive on the US PlayStation Network on Tuesday, January 15 at the price of $19.99. There is no specific date for a European release, but XSEED notes that it will follow "shortly thereafter".

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