We loved Machinarium, here at Pocket Gamer.

Czech-based developer Amanita Design took home one of our prestigious Gold Awards for the iPad and Android puzzler's quirky point-and-click adventuring.

There was certainly a lot to like about Machinarium. Not least its wonderfully tricky puzzles, and engaging hand-drawn steampunk graphics. But best of all was its adorable, stretchy robot hero Josef. Especially the way he communicated his feelings with adorable facial expressions and thought bubbles. He's instantly easy to warm to.

And now, you can own him. In plush form, that is.

Machinarium plush

If you preorder from Amanita Design's store, you'll get your own handmade Josef plush shipped to your door within five weeks for $30 (£18.46).

Just like his in-game version, Josef's head flips back to reveal a small compartment that items can be stored in. Perhaps keys, jewellery, or maybe your heart. Aww.

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