Aaaand we're back.

The eShop was quiet over the Christmas period, which isn't hugely surprising.

Judging by the first week of 2013, though, Nintendo is clearly aiming to make sure the 3DS starts the year with a bang.

There are a few noteworthy new 3DS titles to download this week, both in Europe and in the US, so if you picked up a 3DS for Christmas, lucky you.

Read on for everything you need to know about the hot new releases on the eShop. Wherever you may live.

European eShop releases

Touch Battle Tank 3D is all about destroying incoming hordes of enemy tanks. Killer tanks, in fact.

Fortunately, you're a ruddy big armoured thing yourself, so taking them all out shouldn't be too much trouble. We've got a review of this on the way, but if you can't wait until then, this'll cost you $4.49.

Did anyone ever manage to complete NES classic Ghosts'n Goblins? I sure as hell didn't. It's a properly difficult platformer that really doesn't want you to reach the end. Well, it's now finally available via the Virtual Console for $4.49.

As per usual, there's more New Art Academy fun to be had, with Life Drawing and Paint Like Turner DLC packs available now for £1.79 each.

US eShop releases

American 3DS gamers can expect to find some rather big releases if they go down to the eShop today.

Classic PSP dungeon-crawler Unchained Blades is out on 3DS as a downloadable this week. It'll cost you $29.99, if you're keen. If you like your RPGs, this one may well tickle your fancy.

Sticking with the RPG theme, Code of Princess has now made the jump from retail to eShop. Reviews suggest it's a bit, well, meh, but it IS from the people who made Guardian Heroes.

And how about Gunman Clive? Europeans were able to get their hands on it just before Christmas, and now you US punters can have a go at it. Groovy.

In Gunman Clive, there are baddies to shoot, circular saws to leap over, and pretty much everything else you'd find in a classic Clint Eastwood flick. The mobile version was great, so spending $1.99 on the 3DS edition isn't much of a gamble.

That's all, folks. See you next week. Same channel. Same topic. Different games.