Hundreds, a minimalist puzzle game from a pair of noted indie craftsmen, will hit the App Store at midnight tonight.

The game comes from Adam Saltsman (best known for moreish auto-runner Canabalt) and Greg Wohlwend (of Puzzlejuice fame). Composer Loscil did the music.


The idea of Hundreds is pretty simple. You hold your finger on floating bubbles to make them get bigger, and carry larger numbers on their faces.

If the numbers on the bubbles add up to 100, the level is completed.

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But, there's a catch.

If the bubbles collide while you're touching them, it's Game Over. Plus, Hundreds soon introduces spikes, timers, obstacles, and other rules.

The game's also got Game Center integration, iCloud sync support, and, most suitably of all, 100 different levels to play.

If that's all sweet music to your ears, then know that Hundreds will hit the App Store at around midnight tonight. This app will set you back £2.99 / $4.99.