Diving into an RPG, especially a JRPG or a KRPG, can be a daunting prospect for anyone who's never played a role-playing game before.

Infraware Games believes its latest title, Sefirah, will appeal to every skill level despite appearing to be a mystifyingly complex RPG battler at first glance.

Sang Min Han, manager at Infraware Games, spoke to us about why Sefirah will definitely resonate with all kinds of players.

He also revealed how the title still retains a large amount of depth, and why the team chose a 2D art style for the game.

Read on for all the insider info on Sefirah...

Pocket Gamer: Can you explain how Sefirah is different from all the other RPGs on the App Store?

Sang Min Han: Sefirah is a story-based RPG where every character has its own personality.

There are multiple paths in each stage, too, so players can follow a movie-like storyline.

How have you made sure the combat in the game doesn't get repetitive or dull?

Sefirah's battles are focused on skill. Using flashy and powerful skills will make the battles enjoyable.

Making your own battle party is also part of the fun. And depending on the character you are using, every stage will feel like a completely different battle.

How have made the game accessible to all skill levels?

First of all, Sefirah sports a very simple touch-based interface, to which any gamer will be able to adapt very quickly.

At first, the battles are easy. But, they get harder as you get stronger, as you'd expect.

What are the differences between the playable characters?

Sefirah has seven classes - knight, warrior, archer, white mage, dark mage, assassin, and berserker. Each class has its own characteristics and strengths, and combining the classes within your battle party forms the start of the journey.

For example, you could make a party comprising only berserkers and black mages, but you would have to partake in very risky - but dynamic - battles.

If you choose to use a knight as your main offensive force and take a white mage as a healer, however, you will move at a slower - albeit safer - pace.

The battles themselves will vary depending on the user, as well, of course.

What was the main reason for plumping for 2D art for the characters?

We think that 2D art has its advantages. We wanted to show players the fancy skills and effects we could conjure up in 2D, and make the characters look as good as they can.

With the 2D art style we eventually settled on, we think we've achieved that.

Are there any multiplayer options?

We haven't prepared a multiplayer option for Sefirah, no.

Besides the main story, though, the game does have lots of item rooting, character collecting, achievements, and other content to keep people interested in returning to this world.

Are there any future updates planned for the game?

The 'true' ending of the game is being prepared in a large update, which is coming soon.

The last boss battle will also be updated. This boss is very powerful, but if you can overcome it, you will get a suitable reward.

We are also adding new achievements and items, as well as some time attack maps. The time attack maps will offer some great challenges, and with a massive amount of monsters coming at you we are sure it will be a lot of fun.

Do you have any plans to port Sefirah to other platforms, such as Android or Windows Phone?

Actually, we already have a build for Android, which we will launch in a local (Korean) Android market. We are doing some final work so that it's ready to be published worldwide.

You can download Sefirah on iPhone and iPad as a Universal app now. It's priced £1.99 / $2.99 [iTunes link].

Check out the trailer for the game below.

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