Fans of 1989 god sim Populous, rejoice: it's set to receive a modern reinvention now that Godus has beaten its Kickstarter funding goal.

Following the launch of Curiosity at the end of November, Peter Molyneux's 22Cans pitched its reinterpretation of the classic god game genre through the Kickstarter crowdfunding initiative.

Setting a goal of £450,000 in just a month might sound a little ambitious, but Molyneux's studio managed to hit its target with around two days to spare. Phew, eh?

In Godus, you step into the sandals / winged boots / non-corporeal footwear of a low-level deity, who has to corral and assist a growing group of followers.

As well as watching over their little lives, you can go hands-on with the very landscape beneath their tiny feet and sculpt it according to your mighty will.

You can also conquer lands and take on rival gods and their followers. These gods are in fact fellow Godus players, so expect some meaty multiplayer battles.

You can check out the fledgling multiplayer mode in the video at the bottom of the page.

Bit of a stretch

That's the idea of 'Godus: the £450,000 game'.

However, at the time of writing, the game has secured more than £475,000 in donations, and there's still a day left to run in this Kickstarter campaign.

Rather than take the extra money and build a large Curiosity cube-shaped house for himself, Molyneux has revealed a series of "Stretch Goals" to put any extra lolly to good use.

If Godus scores more than £460,000 (which it already has) in funding, 22Cans will add three more modes covering single-player and multiplayer. These will focus on Godus's weather and land-sculpting elements.

If Godus secures more than £475,000 (which it has), 22Cans will permit you to start your own sect. The company describes this as "a very deep social and competitive feature" which lets you set up or join a new religion. Your individual successes will contribute to the whole organisation.

Should the game end up receiving more than £485,000 in donations, Godus's story will get a massive boost through the hiring of James Leach - the writer behind previous Molyneux games like Black & White and Fable.

Should Godus receive over £500,000 (steady), however, Molyneux and co. will serve up a new co-operative multiplayer mode and a first-person crafting element.

Finally, £550,000 in donations would result in 22Cans providing Linux and OUYA (the Android-powered console) support for Godus.

According to its Kickstarter campaign page, Godus will take seven to nine months to make, although that will be extended in accordance with the number of stretch goals that are added.

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