Fearlessly following its bigger iPad-only brother into the depths of the App Store (and coinciding beautifully with Fishlabs's decision to make GOF2 free), the iPhone edition of The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 is now ready to help iPhone- and iPod touch-owning digital space cadets by providing a comprehensive breakdown of Fishlabs's celebrated intergalactic epic.

For anyone who's been larging it in the Skavac system these past few weeks, the GOF2 Guide is the first in the Pocket Gamer Guides series.

These digital publications are designed to enhance a player's experience of his favourite game by including information, tips, and generally handy features that will help him along his quest.

For Galaxy on Fire 2, this means - among other things - complete breakdowns of the ships, equipment, weapons, Blueprints, trade routes, missions, and star systems players will encounter when playing as Keith T. Maxwell in GOF2 (as well as in the game's acclaimed Valkyrie and Supernova expansion packs).

Easy money

But, the assistance doesn't end there. Oh, no.

Users of the guide can also expect to learn some useful combat strategies and some of the easy ways to make money. Those after a more behind-the-scenes style tour, meanwhile, will enjoy the exclusive interviews with Fishlabs's GOF team members.

In short, there's no time for inferiority complexes here: the iPhone edition mirrors the content from its iPad brethren. That content just happens to be squished into a smaller - some would say 'more beautiful' - screen.

The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Galaxy on Fire 2 for iPhone is available from the App Store now, priced at a recession-friendly 69p / 99c.