Chillingo's gorgeous-looking Bronze Award-winning iPhone and iPad platformer Contre Jour is now available to download from Google Play for Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

In this beautiful puzzle-filled title, you're charged with propelling a strange creature called Petit to safety by shaping and morphing the world around him via pulls, swipes, and taps of your device's screen.

Each of this game's five chapters and 100 stages is filled to the brim with interactive elements like pulleys, slingshots, tentacles, and blowers - all of which make your task a darn sight harder to complete.

So, yeah, Contre Jour is great. Don't just take our word for it, though. Channel 4's resident Gadget Man Stephen Fry has revealed that this "elegant" title is his current favourite game.

Grab it right now from Google Play for £1.79.