Game Insight isn't known for arcade-style mobile games, but its latest Android release Elements Battle is looking to change this perception.

A firm step away from Rule the Kingdom and Airport City HD, Elements Battle is a freemium match-3 style game with rather strong RPG elements.

In the game, players take on the role of a heroic mystic apprentice who sets out to master each of the four elements as he battles all manner of fantasy nasties.

Battles take place through match-3 puzzles (think Puzzle Quest), and upgrades take the form of weapons and armor that players can equip to help them do battle in each the game's five distinct worlds.

Fantasy fracas

To help flesh out its fantasy landscape, Elements Battle populates its lands with the expected races of elves and orcs along with a panda who looks like he got a bit lost on the way to Azeroth.

Elements Battle promises fast-paced and hectic combat in each of its 100 quests, so those looking for a frenetic challenge will be well within their element here.

Google Play: Elements Battle