Mojo Bones has just launched a Kickstarter for its most ambitious project yet: an app capable of randomly generating a personalised selection of retro-inspired games.

Having alrady knocked out canine platformer Tongue Tied! and challenging puzzler The Curse, the three-man dev team decided to create GameTron 1000: an iOS and Android game which aims puts the power of creation in your hands.

The act of level assembly will be controlled by six slotmachine-style spinning reels. Each reel represents an aspect of gameplay: genre, location, objective, time limit, and so on.

Each time you spin the reel, the Gametron will assemble the randomly chosen elements into a "bite-sized" game.

Pocket Gamer spoke to Mojo Bones co-founder Stuart Ryall about the potential number of distinct games GameTron 1000 could create.

"If you were to count specific genres / subgenres of games, we're looking at a list of hundreds", Ryall revealed. "However, that's not taking into account things like the difficulty of each genre, changes to control methods, and the many cosmetic changes."

"With these in mind, it moves into the crazy big numbers."

Personal touch

The cosmetics of the different games is another important element of Mojo Bones's £90,000 pitch - one which backers can actively contribute toward.

Pledge generously, and you can submit your own environment, character, and collectible concepts. Once your submissions have been proofed and polished by the art team, they will be added to the finished product.

If you want the chance to build your own unique collection retro games, head over to the GameTron 1000 Kickstarter page and drop some coin.