Over the years, there have been several attempts to make mobile and console games based on the Ghostbusters films.

None have been very successful.

That's something Capcom through its social mobile division Beeline is looking to change.

After all, it's been massively successful with its Smurfs' Village game, and also developed Snoopy's Street Fair and Shrek's Fairytale Kingdom.

The latter two weren't such big social hits but were nevertheless solid experiences.

Creeping up on you

In terms of how Ghostbusters is shaping up, we don't have too much information yet.

Capcom says that you'll be running a ghostbusting operation in New York, which will see you managing your employee roster and upgrading your gear - proton packs and ghost traps etc - so you can take on the most gruesome ghouls.

They are the ones you'll be paid the most to bust, of course.

A free-to-play title, we assume this means the gameplay will be in the management style, with time and resources being your main constraints.

No doubt, there will be strong social elements in terms of helping out your friends in their ghostbusting activities too.

Coming to iOS (and possibly Android), we expect Ghostbusters to be haunting devices in early 2013.