It is a period of digital war.

Rebellious publisher Steel Media, striking from a publicly listed base, has won its first victory against the mighty Apple Empire.

During the battle, Steel Media minions managed to slip their latest creation past the Empire's ultimate weapon, the App Store approval team. This psychologically armoured workstation has enough power to destroy the dreams of an entire small development community.

Pursued by… oh, I can't be bothered to stretch this out any further.

Cut to the end: the latest issue of swipe magazine is out now.

Download it you should

Featuring Angry Birds Star Wars on the cover and stuffed full of reviews and features (as well as mercifully few Yoda references), swipe issue 3 contains everything Pocket Gamer (and other members of the iPhone Alliance) likes best on iOS at the moment. All wrapped up in a show-friends-to-impress interactive digital magazine.

You can check it out by clicking on either the hyperlink above or the iTunes button below. Though it's iPad only at the moment, iPhone owners should fear not: your version is chasing down its bigger brother with the determination of an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.

Regardless, right now there's also a free sampler version for both iPad and iPhone, so you can get a flavour of the mag before committing further.

Try it. You just might restore peace to the galaxy.