Morality-testing browser game Sweatshop has just rolled off the App Store conveyor belt and onto iPads everywhere.

In this game - a clever blend of tower defence mechanics and conscience-troubling decision making - you are cast as the trainee manager of a sweatshop.

As such, it's your job to monitor the production line to ensure that the various fabrics are assembled quickly and efficiently, then packed away for distribution in the name of shameless profiteering.

Things get philosophically ambiguous when you're forced to strike a balance between generating sweet, sweet dollars for your barmy boss and managing the mental wellbeing of your hideously overworked staff.

Sweatshop clouds the issue further by giving you unrealistic targets to hit, and then patting you on the head when you reach them. All at the cost of your employees' health, naturally.

While this curious formula could easily result in a humourless - or even pious - product, the sharp visuals, smart dialogue, and engaging gameplay make Sweatshop more than just an interactive lecture in ethics.

You can download Sweatshop HD on iPad for free right now. You're under no moral obligation to do so, mind.