You may well have a word game that you can pick up and play at any time. Maybe it's SpellTower, Words With Friends, or Quarrel Deluxe.

But developer On Game Creative hopes its latest word and puzzle game hybrid, Bubblis, will become your new favourite distraction.

Basilio Rivas, CEO of On Game Creative, spoke to us about how you play Bubblis, how getting good at it could save you money on a coffee, and how the soundtrack has been composed to suit fifteen different cultures.

A word game lives or dies on its gameplay mechanics, and Bubblis has a particularly interesting set-up. It may not surprise you to learn that it revolves around bubbles.

"Basically Bubblis is about building words but in a very special way," Rivas says. "It requires you to build a series of specific words out of letters in bubbles that fall down from a cloud, and consider punctuation marks during the process. During the course of the game you should be able to overcome obstacles that get more difficult as the game advances."

Coupled with regular small, but enjoyable, touches – such as having to blow into your device's microphone to clear smoke created by the explosion of a smoke bubble, or rubbing on the screen to clean inky mists – and you have a game that is more than just some letters on a screen.

Aside from the interesting mechanics – largely down to the many obstructions you have to work around – Rivas believes the care that has been put into developing Bubblis helps elevate it above many of its competitors too.

"The game was designed and developed to get its players to fall in love with it," he says. "With that objective in mind we have given all the effort and resources, starting with the artistic designs. Each and every one of them was made using traditional painting simulation on canvas. Considering the smallest detail, each sound effect has been studied thoroughly in order to achieve an ultimate goal of 'user satisfaction'."

Despite these points, there's still the problem that many may still see Bubblis as 'just another word game,' but Rivas says that the game can appeal to fans of puzzle games too – largely due to the challenge it can pose.

"Like all good word puzzle games Bubblis requires a certain skill and strategy that gets more complicated as a player advances in a game," he explains. "The difficulty is progressive which meets the requirements of a puzzle game."

"If we add words to puzzles, fans of both categories will find an original and creative gameplay that is designed for anyone starting from four years old."

Throw in the many options that have been included to make the game accessible across the globe and you have a game with – potentially – mass appeal.

"You can enjoy 15 themed designs made in HD, each with a specific melody that will immerse a player into the cultures or country represented by the game scenario," Rivas explains. "Bubblis is the first word puzzle game created in 44 languages where a user can play freely in any of the languages available."

As you might expect there are plans to improve the game with updates too.

"We will release an important update of Bubblis by the end of this month that will integrate social networks Twitter and Facebook, which will enable users to publish their score and achievements and see their position in the world, country or group of friends rankings," Rivas says.

Rivas also tells us that there are plans to create a rewards system for the game – and we're not just talking about some achievements flashing up on your screen.

"We’ll also enable a tangible system of awards in a future update," Rivas reveals. "These awards can be redeemed directly in the outlets available in each country – so gift certificates for Starbucks for example. In this update we also expand the distribution points incorporating Amazon so that Android users also could buy a game on their tablets - including the Kindle Fire from Amazon."

You can buy Bubblis as a universal app on your iPhone or iPad now, and is currently half price - costing just 69p / 99c [iTunes link]. A HD iPad version is also available [iTunes link].

For those without an iOS device you can also download it on Android for the current price of 64p / $1 [Google Play link]. Rivas also said that a Windows Phone version of the game is in the works.