If your game is pulling in more than 5 million daily players on Facebook, it's probably a fairly safe business bet to develop and release a version for iPhone and iPad.

King.com certainly thinks so, for after porting Facebook smash Bubble Witch Saga to iOS in the summer, the casual / social games specialist has just repeated the trick with Candy Crush Saga.

Before you ask, this madly popular Facebook match-three puzzler is a free-to-play experience on iOS, with boosters and charms available via in-app purchases.

As with Bubble Witch Saga, this iOS version of Candy Crush Saga will seamlessly sync with its Facebook counterpart, so you can continue your Facebook session on your iPad and vice versa.

With over 100 levels, leaderboards for competitive types, and more colour than you can shake a stick of rock at, Candy Crush Saga isn't short of content. What's more, it's available now for none of your precious pennies.

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