Motion-controlled punch-'em-up Real Boxing just hit the New Zealand App Store, meaning UK and US customers should prepare to go toe-to-toe with the game on their iOS device tomorrow.

Positioning itself at the grisly, realistic end of the fighting game spectrum, Real Boxing aims to live up its moniker in more ways than one.

Firstly, the Unreal Engine-powered visuals attempt to capture the sweat-covered, face-pounding reality of The Sweet Science - even if the game does feature more blood than a particularly messy Terry Funk hardcore match.

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Secondly, there's the option to put yourself in the game using the front-facing camera on your iPhone or iPad, and to have your actual punches converted into on-screen jabs and hooks.

When we tested out this Kinect-like "V-Motion" feature during our Real Boxing hands-on, we were less than impressed with the results.

However, when our man stopped waving his hands in the air and put his thumbs back on the touchscreen, the brutal back and forth of Vivid's punch-fest turned into a rather more engaging experience.

If you reside in the UK or US and fancy working on your haymaker without risking a smack in the chops, Real Boxing will be available in the App Store tomorrow for £2.99 / $4.99.

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