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Super World Adventures

You're a humble lumberjack. A ruddy thieving wild boar has stolen your butty-filled lunchbox and your favourite axe. Your aim is to get them back. How? By pursuing the unscrupulous swine across six uniquely themed environments.

There are 36 different action-packed levels to work your way through in this Super Mario Bros.-esque platformer - all of which feature plenty of dangerous drops, perilous pits, and bestial baddies.

Luckily, you can throw acorns at any foes that cross your path. An Uzi would have been more useful, but beggars can't be choosers. Or so we're told.

Tinybee Dash

Tinybee Dash is a fast-paced endless-running title that bears more than a passing resemblance to Imangi's Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning Temple Run.

In fact, it's almost identical.

Your aim in Tinybee Dash, then, is to jump over, slide under, and generally avoid the many obstacles and hazards that litter your path, and sprint as far as you possibly can in order to bag a high score.

You control each of the game's nine unique runners - all of which boast a "diverse style" - by tilting your device and swiping at its display. Surprise, surprise.

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