'Online'? 'Defend'? 'Kingdom'?

After seeing these three words in a game's title, you might be forgiven for thinking you've seen all it has to offer before you've even downloaded it.

Mobe Labb, developer of Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom, is adamant, though, that this isn't the case with its latest effort for iOS and Android.

Mobe Labb marketing director Andrej Osipov spoke to us about how he thinks his company's game smashes other entries in the genre, how important the online component of the title is, and how the game changes according to the season.

While Mobe Labb's game mixes action, strategy, and tower defence, Osipov assures us that Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom is not just a rehash of past successes in these genres.

"There are no dumb strategies in this game - each mission requires thinking," Osipov says.

"It is the first real multiplayer game in this genre, too, for it is a game played out in real time with a live opponent," he adds. "This makes for a game that is a lot more dynamic, unpredictable, and interesting than a game against a computer."

So, the basics seem to be in place. Osipov claims that there's been some real thought put into how the game can stand out in the App Store, as well, mind.

"When the process of development was about to end, we mulled over some unique features we can add in to make the game even more attractive for users," he explains.

"Thus, we've added some spice to the dish we call Wars Online. To begin with, we've developed 16 different avatars, enabling you to play various roles and to try on different masks.

"Then, we've made it possible to chat with your opponent during the game. We've enriched the game with a wide range of phrases in different languages so that it's possible to greet or encourage your opponent from around the world."

Online play, as you might guess from the game's title, is essential for getting the most out of the game, then - and there is enough in it to make sure it's always fiercely competitive.

"When playing against a live opponent, it's impossible to employ the same strategy over and over again," Osipov explains. "In order to win, you have to experiment each time."

"For the first time in this genre, when you conquer your opponent, you collect all of his money - it's all for real. You should analyse your opponent's movements and plan alternative ways to win.

"Initially, the gamers are ranked equally. You can either attack or defend. It's essential to see through your opponent and to find out his weaknesses."


Those afraid to enter such a teeming cauldron of competition should have no fear, though, as Osipov claims it's easy to grasp the basics of the game and enjoy some success in its online modes.

"In order to win, you really need just wits and a knack for the game," he elaborates. "The players only compete against players of a similar level. This means that it's impossible to have a situation where a given player wins due to a 'promoted' profile."

You can also train yourself up in Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom's single-player mode, something Osipov says has had a significant amount of thought put into it.

"We realised that a player wouldn't always be able to get online (on a plane, for instance), and so we had to come up with a single-player mode.

"But, don't think that the single-player mode is a trite fighting experience against artificial intelligence. We've conjured up more than 40 challenging missions, all of which require skill, cunning, and perspicacity."

Work on the game hasn't stopped yet, either, with special updates being planned to coincide with upcoming holidays.

"We have already released a special update for Halloween with scary graphics and elements added to the game," Osipov explains. "There will be more updates released for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too."

Wars Online - Defend Your Kingdom is available on iPhone and iPad now, and is currently free to download [iTunes link].

You can also pick the game up on Android, where it is free to download [Google Play link]. It's available for free from the Amazon Appstore, too [link].

Take a gander at the game's trailer below.

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