Rovio has once again updated both the iOS and Android versions of Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning physics-puzzler Angry Birds Space with new levels.

This time around, the stages are set on the Red Planet.

Your mission across these ten new levels is not only to reclaim your stolen eggs, but also to win back NASA's Mars Curiosity rover, which has been commandeered by the game's filthy piggy antagonists.

Furthermore, there are a bunch of secret levels to unlock. If you manage to achieve three stars in all ten of Angry Birds Space's fresh levels, for example, you'll gain access to an extra special antenna egg level.

You can also unlock a "super-secret bonus level" by finding the missing rover.

Finally, if you earn a 100 per cent rating on Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Free Me To The Moon, Utopia, and Red Planet, five space eagle bonus levels will become playable.

Angry Birds Space is currently available for your iPhone for 69p / 99c [buy], for your iPad for 69p / 99c [buy], and for Android-powered devices for free [download].