Psyonix's spaceship shooter Arc Squadron has just rocketed onto the New Zealand App Store, meaning it will swoop into the UK and US at midnight tonight.

Taking a page or two from StarFox's flight manual, Arc Squadron casts you as an elite fighter pilot trying to bring peace to the galaxy by destroying the Guardians, a pesky race of anti-social miscreants committed to destroying all life.

Spanning 20 environments, this sci-fi blaster boasts no fewer than 64 bite-size levels. The emphasis here is on stringing attacks together to build combos and boost your score.

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Speed and accuracy are essential if you want to climb the leaderboards, and the short levels make score attack runs that much more appealing.

Furthermore, tinkerers will be delighted to discover that there are plenty of upgrades on offer, with six different ships and 10 different weapons available.

We expect Arc Squadron to land in North America and Europe at midnight tonight. If you like the look of the trailer above, we suggest you set aside £2.99 / $4.99 and reserve a space in your iOS hangar.