Following feedback from Outernauts players, Insomniac's browser-based creature battler has received a design overhaul.

Though we found this Pokemon-inspired Facebook game rather enjoyable (enough to give it one of our Silver Awards, in fact), we took issue with some of the more "obnoxious" freemium design choices.

For example, once you made a certain amount of progress through the campaign, the game would force you to sign up your Facebook friends to continue. The only other option: hand over real money.

It seems Insomniac has heard our (and your) cries, and has made a number of adjustments to "evolve" the Outernauts experience.

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First off, you won't have to spam your friends' Walls or inbox in order to gain items or advance through the game. Furthermore, energy recharging times have been reduced, meaning you can now battle for longer without interruption.

In addition, you can buy consumable items (like revives) with the cash you collect in the game, rather than relying on Outernauts's premium currency, Star Gems.

On top of the tweaks, there are now over 20 new creatures to battle and collect, plus a bunch of new quests and co-op dungeons.

You can try out the revamped Outernauts on Facebook for free now.