Whoops. It's been a while since we last did one of these, isn't it? A dreadful cold will do that to a man.

We're back now, though, with more stories that we didn't get to throughout the day.

Big updates

Jordan Mechner's cult-classic adventure game The Last Express has been updated for iPhone 5. We dubbed it a "beguiling, unique mystery" in our review.

Nature simulator The Sandbox has received a new update. It's now compatible with iPhone 5, and has more daily quests (with free mana if you beat 'em).

The Shadowgun: DeadZone beta has been updated on Android. It's now available on all devices with Honeycomb or later; features money and XP; and makes sure newbies don't get dropped into battles with the veterans.

New releases

The indie team behind Tiny and Big has launched a new game, and this time it's on iPhone. It's a visually unique puzzler called About Love, Hate and the other ones, and costs 69p / 99c.


The critically acclaimed ZiGGURAT - we said "it turns the high score chase into a two dimensional art form" - is back on the App Store. It's a new app, but you can back up the original with this handy tutorial. Anyway, it's 69p / 99c, and is optimised for iPhone 5.

EA's freemium spin on Theme Park is now available on Android. The game, which famously has a $60 roller coaster and recently conked out, is free on Google Play. Strap in, if you dare.

Captain Cat for iPhone looks quite interesting. You sink a rope into the ocean, and try to land your catch while making as few knots in your rope as possible. It's 69p / 99c - do let us know if it's any good.

On the horizon

Thanks to a leaked scan from Famitsu magazine, we know that Dragon Quest VII is getting a remake for 3DS in Japan. We'll let you know if we hear about it coming out in the West.

Kickstart this

Cthulhu World Combat

Sandy Petersen and friends want $300,000 to build a turn-based strategy game for iOS and Android based on Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft's iconic monster. Cthulhu World Combat already looks quite delectable. You should probably give these guys all your money.

The Vancouver team behind strategy PC epic Sword of the Stars wants to make a roguelike set in the same universe. Give the guys $90,000 on Indiegogo and they'll make it for Android and iPad. Thanks, Pocket Tactics.


The perilously addictive puzzle RPG 10000000 is on sale for the first time. In this pixel-art iOS game, you match tiles to beat up enemies. Yours for just 69p / 99c.