The latest instalment in 2K Games's excellent Borderlands franchise, Borderlands Legends, has shot its way onto the New Zealand App Store.

As always, that means it'll be available to download in the UK and US from around midnight this evening.

In this isometric shooter, you take control of Mordecai, Lilith, Brick, and Roland - a quartet of vault hunters who appeared in the original Borderlands - and complete various randomised missions on the planet of Pandora.

We know some of these missions will involve escorting NPCs to safe locations, exterminating pests, and fighting off waves of Skags and Bandits.

Luckily, you have "thousands" of unique weapons at your disposal; 36 special powers and abilities; and a "fight for your life" mechanic that allows your team members to crawl back from the brink of death by blowing some poor soul's face off.

Borderlands Legends is available for your iPhone for £2.99 / $4.99 [buy], and for your iPad for £7.99 / $11.99 [buy]. We'll have a full review tomorrow, obviously.

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