At the moment, everyone is talking about a certain 7.9-inch tablet, but today my 7-inch Kindle Fire HD arrived from Amazon.

(One day early compared to the original 25th October scheduled release.)

It's all nicely packaged, and as we've come to expect from Amazon, the Kindle Fire HD comes pre-registered to your Amazon account; showing any digital content you've previously bought.

We'll delve into a more detailed first impressions article soon, but let's just say, you certainly get what you pay for - in this case £159 for the 16GB model.

Nice finish on the box

Indeed, a nice box all round

So what's in the box?

Some instructions to slide out

Plug and play

USB cable, neatly curled

Charging and HDMI out slots

One of the stereo speakers, on/off button, volume buttons and headphone jack, all nicely flush with the surface

Back view, showing the stereo speakers, designed for landscape mode when you're watching movies.

Booting up

It lives

Choose your GameCircle name and icon

Compared to a Nexus 7 from the back (it's wider)

Back to back (with Nexus 7 facing), you can see the extra width.

Nexus 7 looks longer but it's a matter of millimeters.