Those petulant peckers are about to launch beak-first into a ghoulish new challenge, courtesy of the latest update to Angry Birds Seasons.

With Halloween just around the corner, the piggies have holed up in a haunted house, and are waiting to unleash all manner of spooky surprises on their fearless, feathered foes.

The update adds 30 cobweb-covered levels to explore, all of which are accompanied by a fittingly frightening soundtrack knocked up especially for the occasion.

You'll have to tackle some new mechanics, too, including the load bearing but otherwise insubstantial ghost bricks.

Bacon back 'o lantern

Even the pigs have gotten into the spirit of things, so prepare to face-off against winged vampire pork, and the dreaded Frankenswine.

What's more, the Halloween update is optimised for the iPhone 5's screen. Spooky and practical, then.

Angry Birds Seasons HD for the iPad has yet to receive the level pack, but we expect it to follow shortly.