The latest instalment in Capcom's courtroom drama series Ace Attorney will feature in-game voice acting - a first for the franchise.

In an interview with Nintendo Dream magazine, Capcom explains the difficulties inherent in re-establishing original protagonist Phoenix Wright as the main character in upcoming title Ace Attorney 5.

According to the interview (translated by Siliconera), the Ace Attorney 5 dev team wanted to combine personality traits from the younger Phoenix (as seen in Trials and Tribulations) with the retired piano-playing depiction seen in Apollo Justice.

This fresh take on the Phoenix Wright character will come hand-in-hand with a new approach to the game's audio.

For this interactive outing, Ace Attorney 5 director Takeshi Yamazaki and producer Motohide Eshiro (both Investigations veterans) decided to replace the well-established sound effects with actual dialogue.

According to the interview, the 3DS's surround sound capabilities presented "tuning problems" for the team, making a fully voiced soundtrack the preferred option. The spoken dialogue would also help the in-game action flow into the cutscenes.

Say 'hello' to Kokone Kizuki (above), by the way, who will be making her Ace Attorney debut in this fifth instalment in the main series. Rather handily, Kizuki is equipped with a Heart Scope, a device which allows you to monitor witnesses' emotions.

Though we don't have a firm launch date for this new Ace Attorney game, Capcom has told Pocket Gamer this it is "planning to release Ace Attorney 5 in the West".