Finnish developer Secret Exit is best known for Zen Bound.

The first iPhone title to get a perfect 10/10 from Pocket Gamer, the classy reflection game had you winding string around increasingly complex objects.

As the Zen of the title suggests, it was very relaxing to play.

Secret Exit's new game is rather difference however.

The clash

Called Eyelord, it's a retheming of the marble popping genre using the power of rawk.

In this manner, instead of marbles, you're popping eyeballs.

Significantly, it also appears that you're firing eyeballs to make matches from the top right of the screen, rather than the middle of the screen as is typically the case.

Still, gameplay aside, it's the music and art style that will be the main draw for Eyelord, with howling wolves, spitting cobras and triple lightning bolts all present and correct.

Available around Halloween as a free-to-play title for iOS devices, Eyelord should be available soon.

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