At the end of August, the start-up company PlayMG turned to Kickstarter to fund its flagship MG Android gaming handset.

The MG was supposed to be the iPod Touch for Android users: it mimicked the form factor and functionality of a gaming smartphone, but wasn't tied to an expensive monthly data plan.

Crowdsourcing investors were skeptical of the MG, however, and its Kickstarter campaign failed after raising just $40,039 of its $950,000 goal.

That little setback didn't stop PlayMG from bringing the MG to production, however.

One for the kids

As a dedicated gaming device, the MG's specs are hardly impressive. Featuring a single core 1GHz processor behind a 4" (480x800) screen and a single gig of memory, the MG is not designed - or capable - of playing some of the more demanding games on Google Play.

Thankfully for PlayMG, it isn't designed to.

The handset is intended to be a supplemental gaming device for parents to loan to toddlers and teenagers so they can indulge in their Angry Birds fix.

While the MG's $169 price tag might seem a bit steep considering its underpowered hardware, those who act quickly can save a bit and pre-order the MG for $149 before it starts shipping on November 4th.

After this date, the MG will retail for $169.

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