As it's Wednesday, we've spent most of the day eyeing up the new games that will be hitting the App Store tomorrow.

There's Sega's lofty platformer Sonic Jump, Square Enix's conducting sim Symphonica, and extreme sports sim True Skate - all of which will be competing to occupy your free time from midnight tonight.

What's more, we were delighted to report that Rayman Jungle Run has been optimised for the iPhone 5's taller display, and that Amazing Alex will be featuring eight user-created levels each week.

Here are the stories that didn't quite make it into the spotlight today, though...

New releases

Momentum-loving monkey Aiai has finally rolled onto the Amazon Appstore in Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition. We found this banana-chasing sequel to be a little rough around the edges back in 2010, so we're hoping Sega has tightened up the controls for the Kindle crowd.

PC-born puzzler BreakQuest: Extra Evolution will be confounding PSP owners later this week. Head over to the PlayStation minis section to check that one out.

On the horizon

If you're a platformer fan with deep pockets, you might want to check out the Kickstarter page for Adventure Jump. The pair behind the project are only after $3,000, after all. You've got 28 days to help them bring their anime styled side-scroller to completion.

Big updates

Bike Baron is jumping on (or should that be over?) the Halloween bandwagon with its latest iOS update, which adds new level Pumpkin Paradise to the roster. There's also a level called Ice Tricks included, which we're hoping has nothing to do with Christmas.

Also, if you noticed that Freshùu's indie alien-blasting gem ZiGGURAT was missing from the App Store, you can rest easy knowing that it "should resurface in a matter of days". Freshùu's Pascal Clarysse told Pocket Gamer that the game is being transferred back to the developer and should be available soon.