Planning regulation would be so much easier if there was point-scoring involved. "Can I build a wind turbine?" "Nope, it's only worth five points. The unspoilt view is worth twenty."

Windows Phone users will get the chance to indulge in such joyous fantasies soon with the release of Carcassonne.

Exozet's adaptation of the German board game has been out on other platforms for quite some time now, with the Android version earning a Pocket Gamer silver award. The Windows Phone version looks like it will be identical with all the same features - including local and online multiplayer.

Party meeples

Carcassonne games start with a single tile which players then expand with randomly allocated map pieces. You'll build cities, roads and cloisters while expanding the fields of your medieval kingdom. You'll also assign followers to certain tiles, all while trying to block your opponent's strategies.

Points are racked up for completing road networks and cities, with the game ending once all tiles have been used up. It all comes together to create what we described as "a rich, massively replayable experience both solo and in multiplayer." Not bad praise, that.

Carcassonne will be released for Windows Phone on October 24th.