Earlier today at a London-based press event, Sony unveiled a completely re-designed PlayStation Store, which is set to go live in Europe on October 17th.

Besides a fresh look, Sony's digital store will receive some new functionality, including an improved search tool that narrows down the list of results as you type. It will also be able to cope with misspellings and abbreviations, such as 'MW3'.

While the search function will return both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita results, both platforms will be split into separate catalogues. This will enable you to browse content for a specific console.

Furthermore, the store's filtering system will be capable of, well, filtering content based not only on type, but also on price and peripheral support.

There'll also be grouped content. So, for example, if you search for 'Uncharted: Golden Abyss', you'll see all relevant content in one place, including the full game, demos, themes, and any available DLC.

Visuals-wise, the PS Store will ditch its current blue look and adopt a new "heroes" theme. Universally popular characters like Commander Shepard and Lionel Messi will be displayed throughout.

The re-designed store will also feature a new UI that will highlight fresh content in better ways, and a front page that houses separate games, movies, and TV sections.

Sony's re-designed PS Store will go live in Europe on October 17th, and in the US on October 23rd.