Over the weekend, Mage Gauntlet developer RocketCat Games submitted its upcoming Double Dragon-esque brawler Punch Quest to Apple.

As we mentioned in our previous coverage of this title, it's a light-hearted side-scrolling beat-'em-up in which you fight your way through monster-filled dungeons.

Luckily, you have a left fist, a right fist, and a whole bunch of special abilities and super moves at your disposal. You can even jump on the back of a velociraptor that shoots lasers from its gaping mouth. Boy, do we like the sound of that.

According to a tweet from RocketCat Games, Punch Quest will be released on October 25th if it makes it past Apple's strict approval process without any bumps and bruises.

Punch Quest will be a free-to-play title packed with in-app purchases.