You can always expect uproar when a mobile game is ported across to a dedicated handheld device with a higher price tag attached.

So, the fact that Burn the Rope on PS Vita will retail for £3.19 on launch day (October 10th) while it only costs 69p on iPhone and is free to download on Android hasn't exactly gone down well with the Vita community.

PS Vita users have already taken to the comments section of the official EU PlayStation Blog to voice their concerns about this discrepancy in pricing.

"Hmm so free on Android, or £3.19 on Vita? Tough one," one user says.

"Someone tell Sony we aren't fools, we know these type of games are £1 or less on the Google Play market," another says.

Control yourselves

This isn't strictly a fair comparison, of course, as the Vita version of Burn the Rope isn't simply a direct port. This Vita edition takes advantage of the device's rear touch panel, for one thing.

There are also special online ranking tables specific to the Vita, and, of course, some blessed trophies to unlock. Still, whether this version is worth the bumped-up price tag remains to be seen.

In this critically acclaimed game, by the way, you have to burn through ropes (as you might have guessed) by rotating the screen to direct a flame.

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