The developer of current indie game du jour FTL: Faster Than Light has opened up the possibility of one day seeing his game on iPad.

If you haven't heard of FTL: Faster Than Light you're clearly a dedicated pocket gamer with no time for those old static platforms. That's cool, we can appreciate where you're coming from.

But when a PC game has been attracting as much buzz as FTL has, well, we recommend you pick your head up from Bad Piggies for a wee moment and take a look.

FTL: Faster Than Light is a space strategy game with a twist. Rather than focusing on the raging space battles going on around you a la Strikefleet Omega, your gaze is here directed inwards at the general running of your ship.

You are responsible for keeping your ship's systems running, including shields, weapons and transporters, as well as upgrading your ship with the wreckage of your foes. You also need to take care of your crew and make the kind of painful "needs of the many" crisis decisions that would leave Kirk and McCoy weeping in the corner.

The developer of this excellent little game, Justin Ma of Subset Games, has been talking to Touch Arcade. He confirmed that "we would like to get it onto tablets at some point in the future."

Don't get too excited just yet: "I can't say whether it's feasible or not, but we will look into it eventually" added Ma.

We have to say that a tablet version makes perfect sense, given FTL's simple presentation and point and click-based control system.

Now it's just a matter of time. We'll be sure to hit red alert the moment we hear more. In the meantime, check out the PC version's launch trailer.

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