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Land-a Panda
By Big Pixel Studios - download for iPhone and iPad

In addition to some of the cutest mobile graphics known to man, Land-a Panda does actually possess some solid game mechanics.

In the game, you have to fire a panda out of a series of cannons in order to reach a girl the hero has fallen in love with. Of course, you have to time it just right if you're to avoid death.

Remember the barrel bits in the Donkey Kong Country titles on SNES? It's like that, just with more and more complications thrown in as the game goes on.

By Iddiction - download for iPhone and iPad

It may just be another 2D auto-runner, but ChinaTaxi does manage to differentiate itself a little from the heaving throng of titles in the genre thanks to its oddball sense of humour and intriguing Eastern sensibilities.

There are 30 levels to transport your litter (look it up) across, and a variety of weird enemies and obstacles to avoid as you do so.