The words 'physics game' might strike fear into many - after all, the genre is a little overpopulated at the moment on smartphone platforms.

Developer Dream Apps Lab has attempted to make a bright, bouncy, and colourful entry into this rather saturated category with Toad Escape, though, and the dev claims it's worth looking into even for those experienced in the ways of physics-based action.

Eamon Sousa, project manager at Dream Apps Lab, spoke for the entire development team when we sat down to quiz him about the studio's new title.

Among other things, Sousa told us how the main character helps to mix things up, about future plans for the game, and how programming a tongue was harder than you might expect.

I know what's on your mind, though. How exactly does Toad Escape differentiate itself from the raft of physics-based games out there?

Sousa tells us that Dream Apps Labs was aware of other games in the genre, but wanted to make sure the game was entirely different from them and didn't just end up being a pale imitation of past titles.

"Toad Escape offers innovative gameplay that differs from other physics-based games such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. This means it's both challenging and fun," he says.

"You have to interact with the main character and the scenery in order to guide the Toad through each level, jumping and using a flexible tongue to swing from platform to platform."

In fact, Sousa is keen to emphasize that the main character itself - a smiling and rotund green toad - is essential in making the game's main hook work.

"The creation of the Toad was driven by the rope swing - the main element of the gameplay - so we wanted to develop a character where this element was part of its personality," Sousa tells us.

"The look and shape of Toad evolved during the game's development - we were constantly refining and optimising the way he would interact with the scenario elements. He was initially conceived as a rag doll, but he soon gained some weight and became round. That's so he could roll and always be ready to throw his tongue."

It's no surprise to learn that making sure the tongue reacts perfectly and authentically was a significant hurdle in the title's development.

"The most challenging part was making sure the tongue behaved in a realistic fashion," Sousa admits. "To be so strong yet flexible, the tongue was created using a great number of distinct elements and some complex algorithms."

In the end, however, this great effort was deemed worthwhile. "We are particularly proud of the visual identity and the complex interactions we created, especially the flexibility of the Toad's tongue," Sousa says.

Behind the game's bright and colourful aesthetics, though, lies a challenge even for the most experienced players of physics-based titles.

"The accuracy and speed of the player when interacting with the game will determine how successfully each level will be completed," Sousa explains. "A tap in the wrong place can lead the Toad to an unhappy ending."

It's suitable for all levels of players, as well. This is something the development team made sure it focused on when putting the game together.

"Although the (relatively) unusual gameplay mechanics may intimidate new users, the learning curve was carefully planned to make the game fun for all audiences," Sousa says.

"With each new chapter, the difficulty level is raised, either in terms of new scenario elements or in the placement of the items."

In terms of expanding the Toad Escape game and series, Dream Apps Labs is looking into a few different options.

"We are considering both a sequel to this game - introducing the Toad to new challenges and obstacles - and a series of new games using the same character with completely different mechanics."

Production of a new Toad game is at a very advanced stage, with the studio planning to release it later this year.

As for Dream Apps Labs's Toad exploring other formats, there are no plans to port the game to any other platform at this time. The team has told us, mind, that it is in the process of producing two new physics games: one boardgame for Windows Phone 8 and a 3D game for all mobile platforms.

Toad Escape is available on iPhone and iPad as a Universal app now, and is free to download [iTunes link]. A dedicated HD iPad version is also available [iTunes link].

The game is also out on Android: the ad-free version costs £1.22 / $1.99 [Google Play link], while the free Lite version [Google Play link] will set you back, well, nothing.