Recess Riot is a game sodden with nostalgia. From its hyper-exaggerated pixel graphics to its renditions of childhood games, everything about it is rose-tinted.

While it's a success in the fondly remembering department, the gameplay doesn't quite live up to the presentation. It's fun, but the repetitive nature of the tasks you're set means you're never quite as entranced as you'd like to be.


There are two different mini-games to play, with the aim always being a new high score. The first is a skipping game (or jump rope if you're from over the pond) that sees your bobble headed youth leaping over a rope spun by two other children.

Coins fly in from the sides, and the rhythm of the spins changes as you progress through the stages. Tapping the 'jump' button lets you do a small, controlled jump, while holding it down does a more dangerous leap that bags you more points.

The other game is dodgeball, albeit a far more violent variation than you might be used to. Sometimes you're swatting away basketballs and other sporting equipment, but then the game throws in spiked metal balls that bounce in or roll along the floor. You'll need to dodge them with jumps and the D-pad, as well as parrying the softer equipment.

Each of the games has three difficulty settings, and the coins you collect can be spent on bonuses that give you extra speed or more health.

But while the two games are entertaining, they never quite manage to grab your imagination.

We've all grown up

Other games of this sort make their repetition part of the addiction, but Recess Riot never quite manages it. Instead of wanting to push on in search of a new high score, you'll play for a little while then get a bit bored.

For those first few playthroughs the game is immensely entertaining, but there comes a point when you've seen enough of what Recess Riot has to offer, and then it's too easy to lay down your iOS device and move on to something new.

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