Rovio's Angry Birds are poised to make the leap – or is it flight? – to the world of print media in the UK, courtesy of a deal with children's book publisher Egmont.

The freshly-inked agreement will see Angry Birds-branded books distributed across the UK, Ireland, and English-speaking Commonwealth countries in time for the holiday season.

Kicking off the series is a double-sided joke book, featuring pigs on one side and birds on the other.

While hardly classic literature, Egmont hopes that the appearance of Angry Birds in books will convince children to put down their borrowed tablets and smartphones to read for a bit.

The joke book is planned to retail for £4.99/$8.00.

Book 'em, Rovio

Following the release of the double-sided joke book, Egmont plans to expand the range of Angry Birds titles by releasing a 'punch out' book and a 'search and find' title in 2013.

The move for Rovio to bring its successful Angry Birds brand to children's books is hardly unexpected, given the broad range of Angry Birds licenses that have popped up in the past year from card games, to theme parks, and even talk of an upcoming movie.


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