As Sean "Puffy" / "Puff Daddy" / "P Diddy" / "Diddy" / "Diddy Dum" / "Diddy Do" Combs once so emphatically said, "It's all about the Benjamins." Baby.

Of course, were the Didster still bothered about his music career, he would have to tweak the abovementioned lyric somewhat to stay, you know, 'relevant'.

"To what"? I don't hear you ask. Well, he - like you - really should know that, in actual fact, it's all about iOS 6.

Luckily, with the iPhone 5 now in stores worldwide and iOS 6 being downloaded onto countless Apple gizmos as we type, Keith and James are on hand to walk you through the ins and outs of the latest version of Apple's operating system.

In other news...

We also square up to Square Enix regarding its pricing system for Demons' Score (it ain't pretty), and watch some Bad Piggies try to fly a plane.

There are some corking New Releases, too, with creepy point-and-click puzzler The Room and the impossibly gorgeous Rayman Jungle Run both making their App Store debuts.

Finally, James has been getting engrossed in a Squeenix double bill of Guardian Cross and Final Fantasy Dimensions, while Keith has been twanging a fox. Whatever makes him happy, eh.