Gravity Rush for PS Vita is the bee's knees. If you own a Vita and you haven't picked up Gravity Rush, what is the matter with you? Go and buy it now. I'll wait.

Back? Right, well, now that you're probably already dangerously addicted to it, you'll be delighted to read a sequel might be on the way at some point in the future.

While Keiichiro Toyama, the director behind the original gravity-bending action title, was responding to fans on Twitter earlier this week, he semi-accidentally let slip that a follow-up may be in the works.

"I'll do my best on the sequel," he said. Just for clarification purposes, he then added: "It's a secret." Well, not any more, sir.

The very fact that Toyama acknowledged the existence of a Gravity Rush sequel would imply that, yes, there's a Gravity Rush sequel on the way. We don't know how else that could be interpreted, really.

As always, we'll keep you posted on any major Gravity Rush 2 developments. Promise.

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