Ubisoft's Gold Award-winning platformer Rayman Jungle Run will not be available on Android until next week. The French publisher has revealed that the studio needs more time to make the game "fully optimized for all Android devices".

The game launched earlier than expected on iOS devices this week, but we've been furiously refreshing the "Rayman" search results on Google Play ever since so that we can bring you word of its Android debut.

Turns out, the wear and tear on our F5 key has been for nothing. "We are very sorry that the Android version release [will be] one week later than expected, but we wanted to provide the best gaming experience," a Ubisoft spokesperson said in a statement to Pocket Gamer.

Worth the wait

The game is a spin-off of console platformer Rayman Origins, in which developer Pastagames has retained that game's expressive graphics and turned the whole experience into a tight and finely crafted auto-runner title.

In our review, we said "Rayman Jungle Run is an outstanding example of bringing a franchise to mobile."

Rayman Jungle Run will be available on Google Play on September 27th at 9am. Trust us: it's worth the wait. See for yourself in the launch trailer below.

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