Revered Japanese developer Level-5 has released its first iOS game, but only on the Japanese App Store. It's called Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, and it's a spin-off of the Professor Layton games on DS and 3DS.

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room stars Layton's son, Alphendi, who is a genius crime scene investigator at Scotland Yard.

Each chapter revolves around a murder, which - surprise, surprise - you have to solve. To do so, you must scour the murder scene for evidence that will help you find and confront the culprit.

The rooms are rendered in 3D, and you can rotate the scene and zoom in and out with touch gestures. You'll have rookie investigator Lucy Creila on hand to help out.

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This wasn't always a Layton game, don't you know. When Level-5 unveiled the game in 2009, it was billed as an original DS title in the firm's Japan-only Atamania series. By 2011, the game had been rebooted and rebranded as an iOS Layton spin-off.

The game has five chapters (and it sounds like Level-5 will release more as downloadable content down the line), and costs ¥800 (about £6.30). No word yet on a English language version, but we'll keep an eye (and an ear) out.

Another Layton game - this time actually featuring the professor, and assistant Luke - is heading to iOS and Android, by the way. Professor Layton and the Century of the Seven Phantom Thieves will be a freemium social game where you track down burglars across London.

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