After shattering download expectations in August, the free version of Babel Rising 3D received a godsend of an update sure to please the angriest of the millions of angry gods out there.

The latest update presents new challenges for you to overcome and features three new human units for you to smite.

Slavers with their unmerciful whips will speed up human workers, Super Priests with changing shields can protect workers from your divine wrath, and – most nettlesome of all - Super Workers will continuously build portions of the tower if their original portion is left undestroyed.

Towering savings

These three new units present a sizable challenge for you to negotiate, but they should be relatively simple to smite with a virtual cataclysm of a divine arsenal at your fingertips.

Less simple to negotiate, however, is the new tower introduced in the update: the impregnable Ishtar Gate. Built to withstand a siege, the Ishtar Gate will offer workers protection as they build.

To celebrate the release of the Ishtar Gate, the developers have put the Hanging Gardens tower on sale for 80% off for the remainder of the week.

Google Play: Babel Rising 3D

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