Dare you play The Curse on your 'droid device?! Well, if you have any sense you will. This is because (a) it's very good, and (b) it's out now on the Google Play Store.

The Curse debuted on iPhone and iPad just under a month ago, and promptly received a shiny Silver Award from our Harry.

In this stylish puzzler, developer Toy Studio throws 100 varied brainteasers, including tangrams, riddles, and logic conundrums, at you. The goal is to unlock the final fiendish puzzle and return the evil spirit Mannequin to its book-shaped prison.

And, no, it's got nothing to do with Kim Cattrall.


Anyhow, if you've bought The Curse on Android or iOS and now find yourself stumped - and there's a very good chance that the latter will follow the former - then you might be interested in reading our recently published guide for the game.

In it, we walk you through the first 20 puzzles, which will then enable you to unlock the devious final puzzle.

The Curse is out now on Google Play for a special introductory price of just 62p / 99c [buy].

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