Fluidity: Spin Cycle, the upcoming 3DS sequel to popular WiiWare title Fluidity, won't utilise the 3DS's stereoscopic 3D capabilities. In fact, it turns 3D off completely.

Why? Well, in Fluidity: Spin Cycle, you take control of a large body of water that you command by tilting your 3DS from side to side. And as we all know, motion control and 3D don't exactly see eye to eye. Pun intended.

Just like in its prequel, your aim in this puzzler is to transport your body of water through various stages using elements to freeze it or turn it into steam.

In the past, Ninty's iconic president Satoru Iwata has stated that his company doesn't mind 3DS developers disregarding the stereoscopic 3D capabilities and focusing on another of the handheld's hardware features. No problems there, then.

Fluidity: Spin Cycle will go live on the 3DS eShop sometime in Q4 2012. While you wait for it, check out the new screenshots in our gallery above.

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