A new installment to the Eufloria universe is coming, and it's skipping the iPad this time around.

Rudolf Kremers, the creator of the indie strategy game Eufloria, announced that Eufloria Adventures is in development and that it will make its way onto the PlayStation Mobile network.

Once on PlayStation Mobile, Eufloria Adventures will be playable on any PlayStation certified device, including the PS Vita.

Exploration over strategy

As the 'adventure' in Eufloria Adventures indicates, the scope of the upcoming game is a bit different from the original Eufloria's focus on strategy.

In Eufloria Adventures, players control a single seedling ship and must deeply explore the game's world in a search for ancient artifacts that will enhance their ship's abilities.

Along the way, players will confront and defeat enemy colonies while discovering their exact role in the story and universe.

Similar to its predecessor, Eufloria Adventures will follow a procedural generation route which will add to the game's replay value and help impart a more organic feeling of plot progression.